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All fire hose with "Nylon" jackets are not created equal!

Nylon 6, referred to as "Nylon" and used by some hose manufacturers, has a lower melting point than polyester.

Nylon 6-6, used exclusively in our DURA-CORD® constructed jackets, is superior to Nylon 6 due to its higher melting point.

This means you are able to take advantage of all the benefits of Nylon 6-6 and still maintain a high melting point.

DURA-CORD® is the registered trademark for NAFH.  Fire hose sold under this brand is specifically manufactured by NAFH.

Nylon 6-6 will not separate when cut or damaged

DURA-CORD® advantages:

  • Warp yarn consisting of high pressure air-entangled, continuous multi-filament Nylon 6-6 fiber
  • Nylon 6-6, having a tighter molecular structure than Nylon 6, is the most abrasion and heat resistant of all nylons and used exclusively in all of our Premium Products
  • Nylon is inherently more resistant to abrasion than polyester
  • that is why carpets are made from nylon; it withstands abrasion & wear better
  • Advanced air texturing further enhances the abrasion resistance of the yarn
  • Nylon 6-6 stretches more than polyester
  • provides better kink resistance
  • stretches on outside radius of hose
  • more elastic, more responsive

  • Dynamic Load Bearing capabilities
  • works as a shock absorber
  • when dynamic load spikes occur, DURA-CORD® absorbs energy and then releases energy after the spike is relieved, rather than rupturing under dynamic loading
  • rock climbers use nylon ropes because of this shock absorber effect

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