Attack-Force 1000™ Features

Nitrile Rubber Through-the-weave Lining / Filament Polyester Jacket

  • Poly-Cord™ continuous filament polyester warp yarns result in a tremendous improvement in abrasion and cut resistance compared to competitive products.
  • Green solution dyed Poly-Cord™ yarns contain the colorant within each individual polyester filament or strand, making the color permanent for the life of the outer jacket.
  • Superior “fit” between inner hose and outer jacket eliminates bunching, wrinkling and snagging of outer jacket.
  • Extremely low co-efficient of friction of the Poly-Cord™ outer jacket significantly reduces the drag resistance of attack lines, requiring less physical effort to advance hose lines.
  • Increased thickness of nitrile rubber inner hose eliminates leaking and/or “soaker hose” problems encountered with competitive products.
  • Very low hydraulic friction loss encountered during pumping operations.
  • Unsurpassed kink resistance at low pressure, making it the perfect choice for low pressure nozzle applications.
  • Anti-Burst technology significantly reduces potential for catastrophic burst failure while hose is charged.
  • Both the hose and couplings are fully NFPA 1961 compliant.

Applications include: Attack, High Rise, and CAFS
Available in 50 and 100 foot lengths

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Hose SizeSpecification NumberAcceptance Test PSIService Test PSIBowl SizeWeight per 50' UNCPLD
1 3⁄4"ATTACK FORCE1000 PSI500 PSI2 1⁄8"21 lbs.
2 1⁄2"ATTACK FORCE800 PSI400 PSI3"28 lbs.

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