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Helpful Tips to Better Understand Fire Hose

How To Order Hose

1.  How do I know if I'm ordering the right hose?

We know that deciding on the right hose for a particular application can be confusing. We have developed some How To Order Hose worksheets to give your customers access to the questions they will need to answer when ordering a specific type of fire hose.

2.  What is the difference between Operating (Working) PSI and Service Test PSI?

The NFPA has different standards that must be followed by the hose manufacturers and by the owners of the hose throughout the life of the hose. The five major tests are: The Acceptance (Proof) Test (done by the manufacturer), the Service Test (performed annually), the Burst Test (maximum PSI before rupture), the Operating (Working) Test (90% of Service Test PSI) and the Kink Test.

Click HERE for "Pressure Definitions and Reference Chart" by NFPA Standards 

3.  What are the Advantages of LDH - Double Jacket vs. Nitrile Rubber?

There are many advantages for choosing LDH - Double Jacket over Nitrile Rubber.

Click HERE for "Advantages of LDH - Double Jacket vs. Nitrile Rubber" 

4.  "We've Got That Hose!" How does our hose compare with other fire hose brands?

We have compiled a quick reference chart showing the most similar hose to ours made by other hose manufacturers such as: Snap-Tite and Key.


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