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"I have enjoyed the direct line of communication between PAFD and NAFH. When I took over for my departments hose program we were already using NAFH exclusively. We have been able to keep that relationship intact because NAFH has worked with us to develop new products that work for us. I have been able to communicate and demonstrate to NAFH the issues we face with hose on the fire ground and NAFH has responded by working with me to find solutions that we need. Mike Peterson in particular is in touch on a regular basis and is open and honest in his communications about current and future products. I appreciate the hard work he has put into our department in creating a great working relationship."

"I have been able to communicate and demonstrate to NAFH the issues we face with hose on the fire ground and NAFH has responded by working with me to find solutions that we need."
Jesse Whootan, Palo Alto Fire Department



Fire Hose Demos can be performed
at your location to test any of our Municipal Hose Products.


D-BAK being deployed vertically against a wall at nozzle forward training.

Ground deploy test performed with D-BAK at 50 PSI tip pressure.

Can your hose take the heat?

There are many assumptions when it comes to fire hose. One common assumption is that fire hose can take the heat.

The images show a hot glued in EDPM rubber liner that has released from the inner jacket at 158 degrees F within three minutes. Hot Melt/Glue Adhesion is a reversible process and a "quick fix" method of attaching a liner to the fire hose inner jacket. The images clearly show that this process will fail at 158 degrees within three minutes in a laboratory heat test chamber.

Our Solution:

Our EPDM rubber hose liners are vulcanized in by mechanical and chemical means keeping the same adhesion properties regardless of the elevated hose temperatures. The steam cure process causes a chemical reaction to the rubber backing, linking it to the inner jacket fibers as well as the EPDM liner.

The Result:

 The result is a liner that is attached for the life of the hose.



The difference is...


All of the North American Fire Hose (NAFH) products that are rubber lined have extruded EPDM rubber tubes that have been bonded to the inner jacket by the vulcanization process. Our Dura-Bond™process fuses the rubber liner by the use of a proprietary rubber backing that is evenly applied to the EPDM rubber tube.

A mechanical and chemical bond occurs when the hose is steam cured. The high pressure keeps the liner tight against the inner jacket fibers while the heat causes the rubber backing to chemically and mechanically bond to the inner jacket fibers and the EPDM rubber tube. The result is a rubber liner that has an irreversible, permanent bond that will never let go or separate, even in extreme heat. The vulcanization process ensures the safest, most reliable hose in the industry today.


The difference is...your margin of safety.


NAFH Performs One Mile Drag Test

One Mile Drag Test was performed by NAFH staff to see how our hose and various competitor's hoses held up when being dragged. Each hose was filled with water and was drug over a rough parking lot surface for approximately one mile at medium speed. The results showed that none of the NAFH hoses had any punctures - so no leaks! There were wear marks on the uncoated hoses, but all other coated NAFH hoses came out in good condition.


Remember, when hose is drug while charged or on its lay flat side, the NAFH coating and construction should help minimize wear even when it’s been dragged for a mile, but anytime a hose is drug on the fold, it can wear out in matter of yards and not miles.

He's got your back...

(And we've got his.)


D-BAK 800 Kink Test at 16" Opening 50 PSI

D-BAK 800 Kink Test at 16" Opening 50 PSI

Testing the D-BAK 800 (Dura-Built Anti Kink)1.75” Attack Hose at the NAFH Flow Lab at our headquarters in Santa Maria, California.

Kink test was performed while flowing at 50 PSI with a 15/16” smooth bore tip (185 gpm.) Doorway kink test adjustable fixture was set to a16 inch opening. D-BAK 800 passes through without kinking!


Click HERE to see how D-BAK 800 outperformed all other hose brands when recently kink tested.

D-BAK 800 Sustained Flow Kink Test

Testing the D-BAK 800 (Dura-Built Anti Kink)1.75” Attack Hose for Sustained Flow Rate with a 90 degree kink at the NAFH Flow Lab at our headquarters in Santa Maria, California.

Hot Glue vs Vulcanization Test

This test can easily be done in your own kitchen - try it and see!

Forward Crawl Using D-BAK 800

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Here is a great demonstration of the forward crawl using North American Fire Hose D-BAK 800 performed by a Lieutenant with the Boles Fire Protection District Missouri. Having a proper non-kinking hose is important in being able to perform this maneuver. It will allow you to advance a line forward inside a structure with out cutting your flow back or off.


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